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Digital Nomad

Does spending the rest of your life in a cubicle not sound appealing? Or have you started working from home during the pandemic, but want that home to be in a better location?


Studying abroad is a time-honored tradition, often the best years of the college experience. But after comes the loan hangover that makes every graduate come to question whether it was all worth it. 


Have you given away one too many stickers as an ESL teacher abroad? Do you work a corporate job that is the same as back home, just in a more exciting place? Is living abroad great, but not as free as you thought it would be? Are you struggling with adapting to your new home?


Having run the hard road and fought the good fight, you have reached the glory days of retirement. A fixed income though, and the careful spending of your savings can now become a worry. You worked hard for that money, and you want to leave some for the next generation, so spending your retirement funds wisely is your main priority.