A deep dive into business

Learn the theory and put it into practice to become a business buddy

Become a certified Venture Nomad

Learn. Shape. Launch.

Step 1 - Knowledge Development

The knowledge development portion of the course is designed so you can learn the business theory at your own pace. Complete the business theory curriculum through online sessions or face-to-face workshops.

Step 2 - Story Prototyping

Develop and practice your business communication skills by building your prototype website as you learn the business theory. You’ll build the abilities and confidence needed for running your company in the real world.

Step 3 - Business Launch

Get ready to experience everything you've learned with the added pressure of meeting financial objectives. Important to be aware of your choice of entering the red versus the blue oceans. You choose which path to follow in what will be an unforgettable venture.

Practice your skills and explore new specialties.

Measure. Observe. Help.

Step 1 - Know your numbers

Continue your business education by creating and updating your business dashboards. Knowing where you are increases the opportunities of finding and introducing new, exciting business ideas. You can sign up to the Venture Nomads advanced business courses immediately after earning your Venture Nomad certification.

Step 2 - Gather Insights

Being more confident with different business situations is what every business owner desires. The Venture Nomads Insights course will help you quickly asses a company’s situation, and determine what the best way to help them. During the course, you will discover the importance of resourcefulness over resources to spot and prevent business problems.

Step 3 - Become a Venture Buddy

With more than 15 courses to choose from, Venture Nomads specialty workshops allow you to explore and master a specific skill set. You will learn new techniques and tools to enhance your effectiveness and efficiency in your field of choice.

Consolidate your company and share your passion.

Practice. Master. Teach.

Step 1 - Venture Buddy Theory Course

As a Venture Buddy you'll lead business projects, mentor others and witness real business transformations. Whether you want to work at a distance or within the company itself, a real business challenge awaits you.

Step 2 - Venture Mentor Development Course

A Venture Buddy who has been a certified Venture Buddy for six months and logged at least 50 hours of buddy work may enroll in the Venture Mentor Development Course. Over the 6 day course, we will prepare you to teach and facilitate all Venture Nomad courses.

Step 3 - Venture Mentor Examination

The final step to earning a Venture Nomad mentor certification is the Mentor Examination (IE). The ME is a two-day evaluative program that tests an instructor candidate’s teaching ability and professionalism. Only those who meet the ME performance requirements earn the respected Venture Nomad Mentor certification.