Accelerated Business Projects

Challenge. Structure. Activate.

Teams we joined to shape and execute their business ideas

Technology for all levels in sport
LIGAS (The Netherlands)
A team built one belief. The belief that technology, applied correctly, will help leaders shape young minds through sports. The right tools, in the right hands, will help teach kids how to control their bodies and minds. A way to teach them how to focus on their goals. All they need to learn that if they dream big and work hard their is no goal in life that is out of reach.
Tomorrow's indoor navigation
PINXACT (The Netherlands)
A team of made up privileged minds, working from Delft, The Netherlands, on creating the new standard for indoor localization. Cutting edge wireless technology innovation focusing on delivering a high-accuracy, real-time (indoor) localization solution for high demand, mobile robots. If you are looking for experts in the field of sensors, these are the guys call.
Build homes away from home
TAKECAREBNB (The Netherlands)
A social initiative built on an amazing group of volunteers. A team of matchmakers dedicated to taking that extra step, making that extra effort to get to know refugees and host families personally to make the best match possible. Are you looking to learn how to instill energy into an organization? How to energize your team through a common goal? This the team to speak to.
Train skills in a fun environment
Stars Premier has a philosophy of fostering lifelong passion for the game of soccer while maintaining a specific focus on player development through the Premier Pathway. As the natural extension of the Super Soccer Stars program, Stars Premier provides a curriculum which focuses on technical improvement, tactical decision making and leadership development.
Fight unemployment across the EU
DELITELABS (The Netherlands)
Success is in your own hands, but a bit of help is always nice. DeliteLabs is a pre-incubator using their community to help you through inspiration and business know-how. A mentoring program designed to teach you all about taking action. Have had fun, learn how to take the initiative, and meet a family of like minded people. All to get you to the starting line for your next venture.
Spanish food made with lots of love
COMO EN CASA (The Netherlands)
A passion for cooking, fun doing what they do, and friends encouraging them forward. All the ingredients they need to setup their classes: Amazing recipes, simple elaboration, and lots of love. Are you new to The Netherlands? Drop by to meet new friends, discover the ins and outs of day-to-day life, and learn their best family recipes. All done to make you feel Como en Casa.
Fight invasive breast cancer
Do you think the average individual can have an extraordinary impact? They sure think so, and that's exactly what their doing. With the help of the Colorado micro-brewery ecosystem they are creating events to help make a difference in the lab. Trying to go from 1 in 8 U.S. women developing invasive breast cancer down to 0.