The freedom to help like minded teams


Entrepreneurship as a way of life

Nomads are craftsmen that move around in search of the ideal place to practice their trade. When a group of these nomads come together they form what is known as a peripatetic tribe. Skilled nomads working together, stepping outside their comfort zone, building on the value of one another's crafts to better sustain themselves. Ventures are undertakings involving a high level of uncertainty and risk. Challenges which you embrace with the hope of achieving something that is truly great, feats that will last through time.


When you bring both these elements together you get Venture Nomads. A group of highly skilled professionals, experts in their trade, looking for those challenges worth waking up in the morning to take head on. A team with an unbreakable bond created by the ambition of achieving legendary feats. In a society driven towards settling down in one place, there are some that still look for the opportunities to have both roots and wings. Individuals with the courage and skills required to travel an uncertain path full of obstacles and sacrifices. Some might see it as crazy, to us it's a way of life!


Dedication. Consistency. Perseverance.

We have a set of values that helps us find the energy needed to do what we do. We are often asked why we do what we do? Empathy, we dedicate ourselves to helping others feel useful, appreciated, and alive. How do we manage to add value? Simplicity, we consistently look to apply our knowledge and experience to make actions as simple as possible. Craziness, we add that level of perseverance, that mix of rational and irrational mindset to build successful ventures. All to help achieve extraordinary feats.


Effectiveness. Efficiency. Energy.

This is what we do. When needed, we step in, and help leaders strengthen their brand, challenge their business model, and build a high-perfoming team. We are experts at connecting across all levels of an organization, and help discover the business insights and working style needed to build a team that works as one. Helps one another to take their venture vision and turn it into reality.