An agile team of entrepreneurs

With skills learned running their own ventures

A team made up of 4 unique characters that build on each others' strengths to successfully take on business challenges. We join companies, putting our experience and skills at the service of your team. All to get the business rolling.


Calm, rational and analytical characters. They are the ones who step in to map and oversee a project to the end. They take their time and consistently keep their eye on the things that need to get done.


Energetic and resourceful spirits. They love to keep things moving by building networks to create business opportunities. Chaos is sometimes seen as their secret ingredient to get business models up and running.


Artistic and creative souls. They blend into the environment, helping them take the lead in designing and proposing solutions to a team. Visual and practical improvements that greatly improve the way-of-working.


Analytical and perfectionists by nature. They are the engineers that build solutions to solve the problems at hand. Concrete and tangible solutions that can be maintained and improved to meet changing needs.

Meet the people behind the team animal characters

We connect on all levels of an organization

To help build actionable business strategies

We know first-hand how hard it is to start and grow a business, having tripped on many of the obstacles you will encounter along the way. And yet, given the choice, every single one of us would take on the challenge all over again. We join your team to turn your value proposition into an engaging brand, help you develop your business model, shape a high-performing team, or implement the technology you need to support your operations. In short, a team you can hire to tackle your business challenges as they arise.

A team with the right experience

Forged in both corporate and startup challenges

Looking for team members to grow your business?