Venture Nomads


A team trained to tackle business challenges

Helping others start & grow their business

We are a tribe of entrepreneurs helping shape effective and efficient teams. We combine the rational with the irrational to connect, inspire, and energize teams. All with one goal in mind, to help others achieve that extraordinary feat that drives them to start & grow a business.

Driven by one belief

Work should be a fun, fulfilling adventure lived along side like minded professionals that mix the best of the startup and corporate worlds.

That connects on all levels of an organization

By putting our experience, personality, and skills at the service of your team.

Based on a character forged walking the talk

Driving business change

By inspiring, motivating, and teaching your team

To turn visions into reality

Ready to 'TURTLEIZE' your team?

Learn to be fast & steady

Many teams are made up of passionate and skilled individuals with the drive and ability to get things done. However, it can be challenging to wield all that energy and creativity in the right direction. And easy to end up lost in a storm of ideas and initiatives that do not move forward. That is were we step in to work with your team. Together we find the right mix between the pace of the rabbit and the persistence of the turtle. Making teams stronger by teaching or reinforcing the 4 key entrepreneurial skills needed to start and grow a business.